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Hans-Peter Tabarelli

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Scientifically minded, analytical and agile solution finder with a pragmatic focus on customer requirements.

Goal-oriented manager with many years of solid experience in vehicle development focusing on structural and operational stability, lightweight construction and energy efficiency. 

For vans, light commercial vehicles, and travel and mobile homes, his colleagues have defined requirements for structural and operational strength based on worldwide customer monitoring, thus laying the foundations for lightweight construction, energy-efficient driving modes, and operating strategies. 


German Certificates

  • Antriebe und Energiesysteme von morgen (ATZ, Berlin)

  • Lastannahme und Anforderungsmanagement in der Betriebsfestigkeit - neue Trends (DVM, Berlin)

  • Reifen, Räder, Naben, Bremsen - Werkstoffe, Konstruktion, Wechselwirkungen und Trends (DVM, Berlin)

  • Statistische Methoden zum Nachweis der Bauteilzuverlässigkeit (Fraunhofer-Institut, Kaiserslautern)

  • Werkstoffe und Verfahren im Wettbewerb - Leichtbau im Fahrzeugbau (DVM, Berlin)

  • Metallkonstruktionen und Leichtbau - Möglichkeiten und Grenzen (DVM, Berlin)

  • Elastomerbauteile im Fahrzeug- und Maschinenbau - Anforderungen und Leistungen (DVM, Berlin)

  • Effiziente Auslegung und Absicherung in der Betriebsfestigkeit (DVM, Berlin)

  • Fahrwerke und Betriebsfestigkeit (DVM, Berlin)

  • Leichtbautagung (VDI, Düsseldorf)

  • Arbeitskreis Elastomerbauteile (DVM, Berlin)



May 2022 - today

 P²CR Management - Schlierbach

Senior expert

P²CR's expert for: 

  • Operational stability

    • Safety strategies

    • Reliability concepts

    • Verification

  • Structural strength and stiffness

  • Lightweight design concepts

    • Structural lightweight design

    • Material-based lightweight design

    • Load spectrum mitigation e.g. by means of optimized operating strategies

  • Variant containment

  • Load level management

  • Corner type definition

  • Module management

  • Resource conservation, overall balances and sustainability

April 2021 - April 2022

Mercedes-Benz Group - Stuttgart

R&D Manager
Chassis & Structural Durability

Overall responsibility for load collectives of the Mercedes-Benz's vans. Customer and application-specific definition and release of test requirements for development suppliers, calculation and testing departments (components, modules and complete vehicles). 

Responsibility for safety strategies of wheel-bearing components, reliability and verification concepts concerning operational stability.

Execution and release responsibility for all special event and misuse tests of the transporter chassis and release responsibility of the steering system (EPS) with regard to operational stability.

Member of higher-level decision-making bodies.

January 2018 - March 2021

Daimler AG - Stuttgart

R&D Manager
Operational Strength & Reliability

Management of the load systematics for verifying operational stability and reliability of Mercedes-Benz vans (Sprinter, Vito, Citan, V-Class, X-Class).

Responsibility for the collection and evaluation of anonymized user data in customer vehicles. Project responsibility for worldwide monitoring of operational loads from loading, road excitation and driving.

Preparation of transformation of relevant operating loads of internal combustion vehicles (ICE) to new load situation to be defined and redefined for battery electric vehicles (BEV).

Member of higher-level decision-making bodies.

September 2007 - December 2017

Daimler AG - Stuttgart

R&D Manager
Vehicle Endurance & Operational Strength

Management of durability testing on test benches, tracks, and customer-related vehicle endurance tests. Responsibility for proof and approval of the operational stability of Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Foreign assignment in Fuzhou (China) to set up and commission a test centre for the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. During the stay in China, typical operating conditions, road excitations and driver influences on the load collectives were measured over several thousand kilometres on public roads and compared to the previous R&D collectives.  

Member of higher-level decision-making bodies.

January 1999 - August 2007

Daimler Chrysler AG - Stuttgart.

R&D Manager
Measurement & Stress Analysis

Lead vehicle metrology & stress analysis. Exchange experience in sensor technology, measurement data acquisition and data analysis with colleagues from Chrysler.

Realignment of verification strategies in fatigue strength. Use of statistical methods for transparent representation of stress (density distribution of stress) and strength (density distribution of strength of components).

Driving force for the further development / upscaling of multi-component measuring wheels to static wheel loads up to two tons, as typically used for transporters.

Member of higher-level decision-making bodies.

October 1988 - December 1998

Daimler Benz AG - Stuttgart

R&D Team Leader
Component and Resonance Test Benches

Head of the hydro pulse test facility for component tests of all Daimler-Benz commercial vehicles (vans, trucks and buses).

Further development of servo-hydraulic testing technology with the aim of bringing the road into the laboratory.

Management of the single part and resonance test field area for tests of commercial vehicles (vans, trucks and buses).

October 1983 - September 1988

Daimler Benz AG - Stuttgart

Development Engineer Measurement Technology

Planning, transducer design and calibration, and the performance of vehicle measurements and their evaluations.

July 1980 - September 1983

Berufsakademie - Mannheim

Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Technology

Studies of mechanical engineering with focus on manufacturing technology:

  • REFA training

  • Basics of work studies

  • Production planner

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