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Experience | Hans-Peter Tabarelli

In-depth experience in projects and processes in the areas of chassis, load-bearing structures, strength and lightweight design


'ICE to BEV' - Transformation (2019-today)

Consulting on integrating battery-electric drives in light commercial vehicles in the 3.5 to 6.5 t gross vehicle weight category. Development, calculation and testing of the drive mechanics and the eATS bearing.

Support for optimum interaction between propulsion, material-friendly power delivery and highly effective performance of the drive and brake control systems.

Conceptual design and consulting for implementing load-bearing traction batteries to optimize function, range and weight.   

Head of Testing Complete Vehicle (2012-2019)

Realignment of testing based on customer usage analysis. Standardization and reduction of complexity in testing. Optimization of the interpretation of test results.


Management Testing Chassis


Project management of international projects for light commercial vehicle axles.

Successful introduction of lightweight springs on front and rear axles with more than 50 kg weight reduction.

Reduction of weight - especially in unsprung masses - through consistent application of topology optimization of components.

Head of Measurement Technology Chassis and Axle Development


Development of customer-relevant test collectives based on load measurements in typical vehicle applications.



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P²CR Management UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Vor der Sommerweide 7

73278 Schlierbach, Germany


Phone: +49 (0) 7021 405 5413

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Vor der Sommerweide 7
73278 Schlierbach, Germany

Phone +49 (0) 7021 405 5413

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