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Dr. Thomas Kaiser



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Cooperative, analytical and agile problem solver with strong leadership and pragmatic focus on customer needs.

Passionate and target-focussed leader based on long-year experience and on a solid background in science and engineering.

Experienced Business Coach to support your goals in your personal or professional environment.

His project teams launched some of the most powerful and reliable aggregates for commercial vehicles.

They also contributed to reducing the company's CO2 footprint by realizing several fuel-efficiency projects for business units, from Mercedes-Benz passenger cars to Daimler trucks & buses.


Certificates in 2019-2023

  • Reliability Green Belt (University of Stuttgart)

  • Professional SCRUM Master ( by Ken Schwaber)

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt (TÜV Süd, Munich)

  • Problem Solving with 8D Report (TÜV Süd, Munich)

  • Electric Traction Engine in Vehicles  (VDI, Düsseldorf)

  • Business Coach (IHK, Würzburg/Schweinfurt)



January 2021 – today

 P²CR Management - Schlierbach

Director P²CR Management UG

Founder of P²CR Management UG (haftungsbeschränkt) with consulting and services focussing on product, project, change, and reliability management.

January 2015 – November 2020

Daimler Truck AG - Gaggenau

Senior Manager

Product Management

Transmissions & Clutches

Member of the transmission plant management in Gaggenau and participating in the production site's business development.

Platform manager for strategy development of global powertrain platforms aligning Germany, USA, Brazil, India, and Japan portfolios.

Global project and change management for transmissions, E/E, and clutches network.

Relocation of a complete gearbox series from Gaggenau to Chennai/India, including supplier qualification.

Experience with eAxle, hybrid powertrain (PHEV) for commercial vehicles, and battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

July 2010 – December 2014

Daimler AG - Gaggenau/Kassel/Stuttgart

Senior Manager

Product Management

Truck, Passenger Car & Van

Axles and Transmissions 

Member of the axles and transmissions plant management in Gaggenau and Kassel.

Head of business development for the production sites. CRM for transmission and axles including OEMs such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Volvo, and Renault-Nissan.
Platform manager for the coordination of the Mercedes Benz passenger car and van portfolios.

Project and change management for light-duty axles and transmissions.

March 2001 – June 2010

Daimler AG - Stuttgart


R&D Powertrain

Truck & Van Axles 

Reliability Engineering for axle systems and components and global roll-out to Germany, USA, Brazil, and Japan.
Development of axle final drives optimizing fuel-efficiency, reliability, and cost.

Design and approval of fuel-efficient drivetrain lubricants with world-leading suppliers of additive packages and base oils.

March 1999 – February  2001

Daimler Chrysler AG - Frankfurt a.M.


Assembly and Packaging Technology

CAE/CFD for E/E systems and components, e.g., cooling of high power electronics, fuel cells, and flow optimization for fuel injection.

November 1994 – February 1999

University of Freiburg i.Brsg.

Research Assistant (Ph.D.)

CAE/CFD - Semiconductor Production

Research on optimization of semiconductor production processes by optimizing transport phenomena.

Ph.D. Title: 'Magnetohydrodynamic effects on growth of semiconductors' (summa cum laude).

August 1989 – August 1990

UMass Boston & Lowell, MA, USA

Scholarship in Physics

Semiconductor physics and electrical engineering courses. Theoretical student research project on field emission transistor.

October 1986 – October 1994

University of Freiburg i. Brsg.

Diploma in Physics

Master in physics with an emphasis in solid state physics, semiconductor physics, fluid dynamics, materials science, and simulation of complex systems.

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